I am pleased with the services that I have and continue to receive from Judy. The atmosphere is relaxing  & charming. Judy is also very personable and her electrolysis is well done. I highly recommend her services.

Kimberly K

I have only been coming to this salon for a year now but I am very happy with this spa. Very friendly staff & you made me feel so welcome. I highly recommend this spa!

Sharon C

Amazing service, the staff is super friendly and caring.. JB


I have been going to Kakoon Spa for a number of years now to get my hair cut. The transformation they have made within the spa over the last couple years has been incredible to watch. They have created a clean, modern environment that separates the different services provided to their customers. The staff is very knowledgeable and up to date on the current trends for both their male and female clients. I always feel welcome when I walk through the door and I always leave satisfied with the services I have paid for.


Started doing yoga with Judy in the summer of 2020. It had been a lot of years since I had been in a yoga class.

In the summer the classes take place outside, in a local park. In the other seasons the classes are held in the yoga studio at Kakoon. The studio is a great space for yoga. It is a big room with a high ceiling, wood floor and large south facing windows. Judy sets the atmosphere with appropriate music which enhances my yoga experience. Her direction is clear, helpful and encouraging.

In the beginning, as expected, I found even the most basic poses to be a challenge. Judy’s classes are targeted to beginner and intermediate yoga participants. Every week I made some progress. I’m still challenged by the classes, which is good, but I’m more accomplished now. I’m appreciating the benefits from my weekly classes. Physically I am much more flexible, have gained better balance and improved my posture as well. Also I really enjoy the calming effect of her classes.

Ron V